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What is Asterisk?

Asterisk is a completely free framework for creating programs and is subsidized by Digium. Asterisk can change an common pc into a emails server. Asterisk abilities IP PBX methods, VoIP gateways, conference web servers and is used by companies such as telecommunication, suppliers and for countries worldwide

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What is Android?

The term "Android" defines the OS from Google which is running on Smartphones, tablets etc. This is the equivalent of Windows on your computer. Actually, no Windows and Linux, the creators of Android in its product used "engines" of the other system. The very presence of the Android phone is not a revelation, every cell phone is running any operating system like Android, IOS and many more.

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What is Sip?

The SIP server is a key element of the IP PBX, dealing with the configuration of all SIP calls in the network. The SIP server is also known as Mediator SIP (SIP Proxy) or Registrar. SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) is based on a model of transactional queries or responses similar to HTTP. Each transaction consists of requests that invoke the appropriate method or function on the server and at least one answer.

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